Meg Sacks

Meg is a working mom of four and an avid community volunteer. She has worked in corporate communications and media relations for more than 18 years, for a Fortune 500 company as well as a non-profit. She took some time off to enjoy life as a stay at home mom after the birth of her first child in 2008. Her sweet, introverted daughter, was excited to welcome her baby brother in 2013, and then boy/girl twins joined the family in 2016. Meg finds being an “office mama” a constant balancing act and never-ending challenge but enjoys the opportunities it offers her for personal growth. A Virginia girl at heart, she loves Florida’s warm weather, the great quality of life Jacksonville offers her family.

The World Is Not Set Up for Working Mothers

If the pandemic has reinforced anything to me, it's that the world is not set up for working mothers. The New York Times recently ran an article with a headline titled, "In the Covid-19...

So OVER It: Mothering Through This Insanity

When it became clear spring would look nothing like the color-coordinated and sticker-filled planner I had created in the months leading up to March, I had a good cry, said goodbye to graduation and...

Everyone Is Somebody’s Baby

I keep Publix gift cards in my car sometimes. Often there are people holding signs by the stores that are closest to our house. One day, with my daughter in the car, I slowed...

The Childhood They’re Supposed to Have

There is an end in sight now to #stayhome with the work-from-home orders being eased, salons and restaurants opening up, and beaches and parks open. I know we won't know how this all will...

Why Are There Only Trade-offs in Motherhood?

When I look at the clock and it's only 8:30 p.m. and all four of my kids are asleep, a silent "Yippeeee!" goes off in my head. Thirty whole minutes to myself before I have...

My Heart Breaks for the Memories That Won’t Get Made

Some days, I get in a routine with #stayhome. We get through school and work, and the weather is nice and we go for walks and hunt rainbows, and then all of a sudden...
mental load

Even Supermoms Suffer from the Mental Load

Into the phone booth: mom self. Out of the phone booth: work self. Actually, with these days of social distancing, remote working, and homeschooling, it's really more like into the pantry/lock self in bathroom/hide...

There’ll Be Days Like This

Mama said there’ll be days like this, there’ll be days like this, my mama said… The line to this song swirls through my head as I complete the circus act of making four lunches, two...

Life Lessons From a Spelling Bee

Some of the words even I had never heard of — I didn't know what they meant, or how to pronounce them, and I write for a living. My daughter studied hard for her...
loving cups

Filling Their Loving Cups

Love isn't a bank account, although sometimes relationships might be easier for everyone to figure out if love was neatly tallied in checks and balances on a spreadsheet. But that would defy its purpose,...

Hey, Mama: It Doesn’t Always Have to Be YOU

Boy, did I always think I had it all under control. There wasn't anything parenting related I couldn't handle on my own — and did handle. With no family nearby for me or my...
middle child

To My Middle Child: I Really Do Love You

My sweet boy. Saying you're stuck in the middle when you have three siblings doesn't make math sense, but family-dynamic wise, with younger twin toddler siblings and an older sister, it makes perfect sense. You...