Theresa Duncan

Theresa is a recovering fake adult and is now proudly a child who refuses to grow up. She spent a decade developing and facilitating enrichment programs for at-risk youth. Through this work, she saw firsthand the power of play in the growth of emotionally, physically and mentally healthy children. The pressure of pretending to be an adult finally became too much, so in 2014 she and her father Todd (also NOT a grown-up) opened Villa Villekulla Neighborhood Toy Store on Amelia Island. Her two children, Adrian and Francine, often exhibit more maturity than she does and are, therefore, the ones in charge both at home and at Villa Villekulla. When she isn’t playing with toys, learning about toys, or talking about toys, she enjoys dance parties and listening to live music with her husband.

Love My Outfit? Thanks, It’s Not Mine!

I love fashion, but fashion doesn’t love me. I get an unreasonable amount of anxiety when invited to any place that requires that I put on something other than athletic wear. It’s not that...
high school senior

‘Having Some Adventures’ Is My High School Senior’s Life Plan

I know I’m not the only mom who bursts into tears every time I watch the "Surface Pressure" scene in Encanto. It’s all too relatable, right? Luisa sings, “I'm pretty sure I'm worthless if...

Gifts, Please

Hey Mom, when was the last time you were invited to celebrate one of your friend's birthdays, and the invite said "no gifts"? I, personally, have never seen an adult party invite like that,...
girl scouts

Everything I Needed To Know About Life I Learned From The Girl Scouts

When Juliette Gordon Lowe registered the Girl Scouts’ first 18 members on March 12, 1912, it was before women even had the right to vote. But she had a vision to build an organization...
toy safety

You’ll Put An Eye Out, Kid

“You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” In A Christmas Story, most of the adults knew that a Red Ryder BB Gun was going to put Ralphie in danger. His dad bought him one anyway,...
screen free week

Going Screen-Free Isn’t As Bad As It Sounds

People usually look at me like I’m crazy when I suggest they do it. But for those brave enough to try it, Screen-Free Week is a fun way to reframe your relationship with screens...
take your kids to work

Life Lessons: Trust Me, Take Your Kids To Work

As a kid, when I wasn’t letting myself into our house after school, I was either at my mom’s or dad’s work. At my dad’s office (an Army helicopter hangar), I learned dirty jokes...
easter egg decorating

Easter Egg Decorating With Things You Already Have At Home

Whether you are like me and simply don't remember to grab Easter egg dye, or you want to do something a little different with your eggs this holiday, here are a few cute ways...
baked goods

Giving the Gift of Baked Goods During COVID-19

It’s a long-standing tradition in my house that the last week before Christmas is spent making somewhere around a million shortbread cookies. My dad expects at least half a million for his Christmas present...

Healthy Is the New Cool

I grew up watching Claire Danes on My So-Called Life hiding in the school bathroom smoking cigarettes and gossiping with her friends. And she dated Jared Leto, so you can see where my 13-year-old...
Birthday Party Jacksonville

The Best Birthday Gifts for Kids of Every Age

They may happen every single year, but birthdays are still so exciting — especially for kids! Of course, birthday celebrations aren’t just about the gifts, but getting really awesome presents can make a great...
shop local online

Get Your Online Shopping Fix with These Local Retailers

I may be partial (full disclosure, I own a small local shop) but shopping in a real, locally owned store is so much fun! I love visiting a place that a real person has...