Tina Smithers Peckham

Originally from Kansas City, Tina relocated to Jacksonville, FL with her dear husband, feisty cat and sweet-natured corgi mix in 2016. After eight years working various gigs in New York City from magazine publishing to digital marketing, Tina joined the world of freelance, writing and reporting for a variety of publications and websites including MTV News, ET Online, Glamour, Us Weekly and more. Tina has also assisted with social media, editorial and content strategy for brands and personalities such as Britney Spears, Jordin Sparks, Beauty Brands, truTV and WE tv. When she’s not plugging away on her laptop, she can be found exploring the Jacksonville beaches, reading a good book or enjoying a local coffee shop with her cherub-cheeked toddler, Archer.

When the Whole Family Gets Hit with the Sickies

It was a sunny Friday in January when I awoke with chills and body aches — and not the kind that accompany a few too many lunges done the day prior. I've been here...

Need a Caffeine Fix? Meet Our Favorite Local Coffee Shops in Jax

Starbucks can be a much-needed pitstop when you're making a Target run, but sometimes, a mom needs a pick-me-up with a little more flavor. (And I'm not talking a grande PSL that packs a...

One Mom’s Comfort During the Storm: Hurricane Stew

"Can we please evacuate? PLEASE!!!" I begged my husband. "I'm so over Florida!" I was five months pregnant, and we had just moved across the country to Jacksonville less than a month before. Hurricane...

There’s Now an App for That: Box Tops for Education

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Avoid the Summer Slide by Keeping Learning Fresh

As our school year comes to (another!) close, KinderCare is here to remind us that it's important to keep those little brains sharp and alert during the summer months. Otherwise, they may succumb to...

Beyond the Smoke Alarm: The Truth About Fire Safety

You might think your house would be the safest place for you and your family when it comes to a fire, but it's quite the opposite. (Spoiler alert: Cue that unforgettably tragic This Is...

Provoking Positive Change: A Candid Interview with Whitney Reynolds

During a period when many media outlets are practically brimming with biased reporting and negative coverage, talk show host and executive producer Whitney Reynolds brings a breath of fresh air to viewers. Through The Whitney...

It’s Personal: Custom Shirts Made Simple with Custom Ink

Custom shirts can be serious fashion goals when it comes to some of life's most major events — from family reunions to gender reveal parties to birthdays and bachelorettes. Chances are, you'll rock a...
Coming to Terms with the Daughter I'll Never Have

Coming to Terms with the Daughter I’ll Never Have

There I was, 14 weeks pregnant, on my knees on my bedroom floor just praying, praying for a healthy baby — and for the utmost acceptance over any possible outcome. (I don't always pray...

The Trimester No One Talks About

The first trimester is a beast that very few talk about. You might look totally normal on the outside. In fact, you probably do. But inside, your emotions are going haywire, you want all...

The Men’s Holiday Gift Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

Men. They can be so simple — no disrespect meant, but emotionally, they're no female — yet so darn difficult to shop for. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe it's because many of our partners...

When a Nice Glass of Wine Simply Isn’t an Option

Few things have driven me to long for "a nice, relaxing glass of wine" more than having a toddler. Meltdowns because I'd like my 19-month-old to put his pajamas in the hamper (because lessons...