Native Sun: Healthy and Ready to Eat

Thank you to Native Sun for once again partnering up with JMB! All opinions are always 100% my own!

Native Sun:: Healthy & Ready to Eat

I have decided food is my hobby. Sure, eating is mandatory, but the difference between simple consumer and food enthusiast is all in the details. Not only is taste important but the ingredients used as well. People who love food care about how it’s prepared, who prepares it and most end up loving to cook themselves -the doing gives this hobby a little street cred. A true foodie follows other foodies on social media. Food porn is real y’all. A picture can make you salivate, feel like you are starved and that you might be able to dip your finger through the screen for a small taste! My favorite thing that social media foodies do is post their favorite spots to eat and menu items. In my quest to legitimize my faux foodie status, I will do the same at one of my local favorites–Native Sun!

Native Sun is naturally (pun intended!) one of my favorite dining spots in Jax. Like I said, I care about the ingredients in my food and so do they. Native Sun’s trademark is their high food standards. We both truly believe you are what you eat. It just makes sense. If your food is on steroids, then you are on steroids. From the boxes on the shelf to the freshly made items at the deli, it must be the highest standard organic and non-GMO. It’s the only place that can say that in Jax and it’s in your neighborhood. I don’t just shop there I eat there, and I want you to eat there too!

Below are some eats and treats you do not want to miss. I included the prices because I hope they surprise you. Native Sun Deli gives you top notch ingredients for what you would spend anywhere for lunch. So why not get the most bang for your buck?

Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit $3.99- Mornings are crazy–even in the summer. We feed our kids, but we don’t always get to feed ourselves. Drive-thrus are not the only option for a quick breakfast. Pick your sausage (real or bean) and be prepared for some well-cooked egg yumminess.


Veggie Burger $7.99- No, I’m not a vegetarian, but I liked to moonlight as one a few times during the week. I’ve tried about every veggie burger in town and this ranks at the top of my list. The biggest reason is it has an authentic char pulling all the flavors together. The fixings are fresh and I walk away from the table full of vegetables!

Native Sun Quesadilla

Chicken & Black Bean Quesadilla $4.49- This is an under $5 flavor-fest! The Black beans steal the show for sure and again, there’s something about that char. It’s melty, gooey and even when my kids force me to order them something else off the menu and end up eating more than their fair share of my meal! Ask for two sides of salsa, trust me.

Native Sun Salad

Custom Salads $7-$8.99- This is the perfect day at the beach meal when you’re hot and sweaty and don’t want something heavy. I must admit that I love to eat salads, but I don’t love making them. Native Sun does it for me and it’s ah-mazing! You can design your own with every imaginable addition or pick from a list of delicious options on the menu board.

If you are worried your kids won’t be as adventurous as you, never fear. Native Sun has a kid-friendly menu where every item is under $4.50!!

Spread the word this summer. Healthy, organic and affordable options are offered to you at every Native Sun location.

Be sure to stay up to date on specials and monthly markdowns by following Native Sun on Facebook!

Mary-Lauren is a curly-haired Texan in the trenches of motherhood with two sassy and entertaining daughters. A busy body in the truest sense, she teaches fitness classes all week at Define Jacksonville. To stay sane, Mary-Lauren requires a daily dose of dark chocolate, unwinds with a page-turner and folds laundry watching just the kind of reality TV that she will forbid her girls from watching in the future. A wannabe foodie, she loves to learn about, prepare, experiment and indulge in all things food…well except the shopping part with kids in tow. She blogs about all things fitness from debunking the latest trends to goal setting, Mary-Lauren is passionate about being active, being real and being healthy!



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