Get a Handful – Handful Sports Bra Review {Event Announcement}

I’m always on a mission to find a good sports bra. Just last year I reviewed the Moving Comfort line, which I loved and is available at Jacksonville Running Company and today I’m back with the fun, flirty and functional sports bra, Handful.

You read that right. Handful. See I told you this was a fun bra. According to their website, “hand-ful” is defined as a strong, confident, determined, active, compassionate, and/or adventurous woman. That sounds about right since I did feel a little sexier, self-assured and fun the second I put on my Handful.

Handful was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2006 by Jennifer Ferguson. Just like most woman, Jennifer had spent years searching for the perfect sports bra and always cam up empty-handed. Jennifer decided the only way to get the best is to make the best so she designed and manufactured the “perfect sports bra” that is “versatile to wear from workout to weekend.”


The most important thing you should know about Handful is their tag line, “flatter, not flatten.” If you’ve ever put on a sports bra, and I know most of you have, you know that the second you do your “ladies” disappear. For some reason sports bra manufacturers think the flatter things are the more supportive and so the first thing that is sacrificed when creating a sports bra is your shape. Thankfully, Handful has created a way to keep things perky while not compromising comfort and support.

Highlights of the line include:

  • performance wicking lining to keep you dry
  • quick-dry nylon/spandex shell, flat seams on the inside for added comfort
  • zigzag stitch detail on the neckline and straps
  • strap configuration that can turn the bra into an X back or straight
  • removable Lights Out pads
  • adjustable length straps to better fit your bust.

The straps were by far my favorite feature. That and the removable Light Out pads. Both helped keep everything up and relieved me of that flattened look we’ve become so accustomed to from sports bras. As I adjusted my straps to better fit my frame and admired how the pads kept everything lifted I couldn’t believe how comfortable this bra was. It’s unbelievably light with smooth fabric that felt more like I was wearing a fancy bra than anything you’d wear to lift weights. But I did go and lifts weights and ran and I was pleasantly surprised at how functional this bra was.

I would like to point out that I am a nursing mother so Handful wasn’t as supportive for me as I would have liked but with that being said, the bra offered several other perks including the fact that because it is so lightweight and moisture wicking I never felt the sweat gather like I’m used to. I made sure I pulled the straps super tight and even though they were almost all the way pulled I never felt like I was loosing circulation in my shoulders. And here’s the best part, Handful is just plain adorable. I almost wanted to take my shirt off to show how cute this piece of clothing was. Instead I wore it for the rest of the day and even now will sometimes just wear it as a regular bra.

If you want to get your hands on a Handful bra don’t miss the Mom’s Night Out Sports Bra Fitting event at Jacksonville Running Company Friday, November 7 at 7:00. In addition to trying on Handful, the event will feature specials all night long including buy 3 socks get 1 free, buy 2 sports bras get a free Sunny Runner shirt and wine and food catered by Native Sun. There will also be some drawings and giveaways so make sure you check it out!

This is a FREE event!

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Jena Pugh
Jena Pugh is a stay-at-home working mom, a wife to her adoring husband Paul, and mama to two spunky girls. She currently writes daily blogs for Entertainment Benefits Group, a travel company that sells discounted tickets to Orlando theme parks (, and Las Vegas ( shows and attractions. Her blogs include happenings in both Vegas and Orlando as well as celebrity sightings in Sin City. Jena also teaches group fitness classes with Jacksonville Stroller Strength and is certified as a nutrition coach.


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