Valentine’s Day Cards: Free Printables by Pink Coffee Photo!

Oh, I love Valentine’s Day.

Mainly because it’s the one time where it’s acceptable to wear pink and red together and eat candy all day. Yep. What’s not to love?

So, in celebration of one of my favorite holidays, I thought it would be fun to make some Valentine’s cards for my fellow Jacksonville moms. As much as I enjoy crafty projects, we still usually end up tearing through a store the day before V-Day looking for cards and candy to hand out to friends. But not this year! I’ve already printed some of these cards, and Kingston (my little guy) even embellished a few of them!

Watch out Love Day. We’re ready for you!


Click here to download the cards.

Then print and embellish to your heart’s desire. The glasses cards were just begging for some googly eyes. 🙂

Now let’s take you out with a few shameless photos of my littlest Valentine. Because, well… I can’t help myself!

Happy Love Day!




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Lyndsay Hyatt- AlmeidaLyndsay’s motto is: “Life is messy. Life is beautiful.” And as a lifestyle photographer, her goal is to capture the sometimes messy (but always beautiful!) moments. She is passionate about working with families and embraces the not-so-perfect aspects of her own life as well as her clients. Though she’s based in North Florida, she often travels for photo shoots. Lyndsay also writes a lifestyle blog Pink Coffee Photo with an international following. There she posts favorite photo shoots, crafty projects, outfit posts, photography tips, and rambles about her family and faith. She loves doing life on the First Coast with her husband, Anderson, and three-year-old, Kingston Rock. Thrift stores are her favorite places to shop, and most of her “down time” is spent hanging with her boys and making crafty DIY projects.


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