Let’s Hear It For The Dads!


Let’s talk about dads. I feel like sometimes dads get a bad rap. It seems like every time I scroll through Facebook they’re being called out for doing things differently than mom does. Sure they might have a funky way of dressing the kids, or an off-beat method for completing homework. But the truth is that even with their occasionally unorthodox technique for getting the job done, dads are awesome.

Now, I know there are some deadbeats out there, but I’d like to believe that the good dads outnumber the bad, they just don’t always get as much press. These are the real dads. The dads that keep us moms sane (most of the time). These are the dads that need to be recognized. The dads that need to be praised.

So let’s hear it for the dads!

The dads who coach little league and soccer teams. The dads who work two jobs to make ends meet. The step-dads who love their step-kids as their own.

Let’s hear it for the dads who have sat through countless dance recitals and school plays. The dads who have taken the time to teach their kids how to use power tools or change a tire. The dads who read stories, kiss boo boos and play peek-a-boo.

Let’s hear it for every dad who has ever attended a tea party where the guests were all stuffed animals. The dads who have never missed a visitation or child support payment. The dads camping out with their kids in the backyard.

Let’s hear it for the single dads out there raising kids on their own. The dads who have taken the day off work to chaperone a field trip or volunteer in the classroom. All the dads who have run along side their kids’ bike the first time you take the training wheels off. The dads who have taught their kids how to catch a fish.

Let’s hear it for every dad who has ever cleaned up vomit, puke or blood so their wife didn’t have to. The dads who have stayed up late with a colicky baby, teething toddler or teenager late for curfew. The dads who routinely scared away the monsters in the closet and banished the boogie man.

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there.
With love from all the moms who think you’re pretty great.


  1. Thank you for sharing your post. I think it is so true that sometimes Dad’s get a bad rap. My husband is a stay at home Dad and is wonderful with our son. There is such a stigma on stay at home Dads as it is a little unconventional, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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