GMO’s- Are You Feeding Them to Your Kids?

Put down the kids’ leftover goldfish and READ THIS. GMO’s in our food are causing big problems for us and our children.

I just recently started becoming more concerned about GMO’s in our food. What is a GMO? According to Wikipedia, a genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. So why is this concerning to us and the food that we eat and feed our children? Well, from what I know several countries have banned the use of GMO’s due to their links to allergies, cancer and other ailments. Read this amazing post from blogger Food Babe. It will SHOCK YOU.

Food Babe Investigates: How Food Companies Exploit Americans with Ingredients Banned in Other Countries

Food manufacturers use genitically modified material to yield more product. That’s what it comes down to. Only now are people in the U.S. starting to get concerned about what the long-term effects are of eating foods that have been altered in this way. Honestly, it freaks me out. Did you know infertility is another studied side effect of eating genetically modified food? I feed my family as clean and healthy as possible. But how am I a supposed to know what has been modifed from it’s natural state? Many states are pushing for mandatory labeling of foods. You’ll notice a specific GMO label of foods that you can find in some grocery stores. Of course you’ll have better luck if you shop at Native Sun or Whole Foods.

Remember, every time you buy something at the grocery you are casting a vote. A vote that determines what food suppliers grow or make. I always take that into account when I purchase food. I liked this graphic that Food, Inc. posted on their Facebook page but I felt they left out a #6 step. Grow some of your OWN food!

I don’t want this post to come across as some sort of activist rant. This is just one mom to another trying to make sure we do everything we can for our families to live long and healthy lives.

Visit Non GMO Project if you want to learn more.

Most of all, I encourage you to re-post this on your Facebook page and get the word out! Our kids are counting on us!

Tiffany never dreamed she would be mom material let alone a SAHM! Leaving her full-time job as a marketing manager/graphic designer, Tiffany set out to explore the world of spit-up, Sesame Street and sleep deprivation. Managing her two little ones has definitely proven to be a challenge of patience and will but at the end of the day those sweet faces make each day fulfilling. Married to her husband of ten years, the couple takes every opportunity to explore new places even if it means being out of their comfort zone. Outside of her children and spouse, Tiffany truly enjoys vintage stores, photography with her beloved Nikon, a good facial, wine and chick flicks. Her role at Jacksonville Moms Blog will be to take her readers through the journey of living greener. It’s sure to be a great resource for using easy-to-create household cleaners to what to do with all of that food your toddler just wasted!


  1. I think the adverse effects of GMO consumption are disregarded by so many. It is time that consumers take a stand. If the FDA won’t protect us we have to let the almighty dollar speak for itself! It’s pathetic that these products are so prevalent in the US even though they are outlawed in many other countries.


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