5 Steps to Simplify Your Closet with a Capsule Wardrobe

Angie Brack Style

Does your closet resemble a dungeon? A deep dark hole you try to avoid at all costs?

Maybe it’s the fear of getting lost behind the work clothes from your old job or perhaps weeping over the “before-kids” jeans. Maybe it’s the fear of suffocating under the maternity clothes from your youngest who just turned three. Or maybe it’s the anxiety from worrying about what you’ll wear to that next event or a dinner you’ve been invited to.

No matter what the fear, there is hope.

Angie Brack Style

Fact is, as a wife and mother of three young children, I get it. When life is filled with balancing a home while keeping young children fed and alive, how we dress and look falls way down the list of importance.

But it doesn’t have to be that way and nor should it.

You see, I’ve have always enjoyed having clothing that gave me joy and made me feel my best, but after children, I simply didn’t have the time to put in all the effort.

And it wasn’t until I created my version of a “Capsule Wardrobe” that I finally understood that in order to have more, I had to have less.

Now today, I not only have less clothing, but I spend less time worrying about what to wear.

A capsule wardrobe is technically defined as…

“A collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion and can be mixed with other seasonal pieces.”

The goal is to have an outfit suitable for any occasion without the need for excessive clothing. And it’s super easy to do…

All you need is a really good bottle of wine and a brutally honest friend.

That said, here are my top five ways to create a closet that will bring you joy, confidence and even more time:

1. Buy only what you love and wear what you buy. This means stop buying items because they are on sale, because you saw someone else wear it, or because you are desperate due to an upcoming event. Buy things that bring you joy and you will enjoy wearing many times over.

2. Stop looking at the things you don’t and can’t wear. Move out everything from your closet that you do not wear or that does not fit. If you are a new mom, then box up the items you love and revisit them again later. Nothing feels good about opening your closet only to see your favorite jeans that you can’t get into yet.

3. Create a closet of clothes that serve your lifestyle. Be honest about your current lifestyle. When is the last time you reached for that navy suit jacket? Or what about that sequin skirt you rocked in Vegas ten years ago? If your life now consists of playdates and carpools, then that is what you hang in your closet.

4. Purchase items of quality that will last through seasons and years of wear. One quality black dress that you love will serve you more than five items you purchased online while nursing at 3 a.m. Start first by creating a foundation of basics you love.

5. Add items to your wardrobe that can be worn many different ways. Think “Sunshine Park” AND “dinner out at night” — YES, that is possible! Take that quality black dress and add sneakers for the day, then pair it with booties or sandals for dinner.

Ladies, I believe we are starved these days for simplicity and ease — and inundated with choices. Be cut-throat, be brutal, and most of all be honest with yourself when you clean out your closet.

I can’t promise you will get out of the house every day without spitup or food all over you, but I can promise you will be less stressed, feel more confident and have more time. And what mom doesn’t want that?

About the Author

Angie Brack is a small business owner, stylist and personal shopper in Jacksonville Beach. She enjoys the beach life with her husband, three small children, and golden retriever. Angie is passionate about helping women simplify their lives by cleaning out their closets and finding their own personal style. Follow her on Instagram at @angiebrackstyle or contact her at [email protected].


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