Maya Sutherland

Maya is a full-time SAHM who squeezes in part-time work as a Local Childcare Consultant for an au pair agency.  She was born in Ohio but has spent most of her childhood and adult life in Florida. She is André's devoted wife and mother to Audrey, Mason and her fur baby, Egyptian Mau cat named Midnight. Maya earned an A.S. in Culinary Dietetic Technician and a B.A.S in Supervision and Management from Florida State College at Jacksonville. Her professional background is in management and most recently she managed a skilled nursing facility food service department staff of 15.  Maya has a long-time love affair with food and is happiest when she is in the kitchen preparing fresh, homemade meals for her family, utilizing her numerous gadgets and food preparation-specialty items. She also is an aspiring business owner but hasn't figured out what she wants to do 'when she grows up' yet.  In her spare time, she loves painting rocks, coloring using colored pencils,  yoga,  listening to podcasts or audiobooks,  and online shopping. You can follow her at Instagram @5spicechef, and Facebook @5spicechef.
life hacks

Simple Hacks Guaranteed to Make Your Life Easier

Life is cray-cray-crazy with doing all of the things, and as much as you try to simplify it, that overwhelmed feeling still creeps past tolerable. When enough is e-n-o-u-g-h, it is time to figure...
volunteer with kids

Giving Back to Our Community: Where to Volunteer with Kids in Jacksonville

When I think about my childhood, I have many great memories of volunteering: Neighborhood cleanup, helping build a house for a family with Habitat for Humanity and then sponsoring the same family for Thanksgiving...

The Gift for Generations: College Savings with Florida Prepaid

A long time ago, when I was in middle school, my parents made the life-changing decision to gift my little sister and I a Florida 4-Year College Plan. Being fiscally-minded, my parents wanted to...
st. patrick's day

5 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Kids

Growing up, we didn’t have any St. Patrick’s Day traditions, but I do remember my stepfather grumbling about not wearing green because he’s Irish, or something about telling people at work he was wearing...
baby shower gifts

Baby Shower Gifts New Moms Actually Need

Baby showers are simply a given, and although I am a mother, I sometimes have no idea what I should gift the expectant mom. Frankly, I have forgotten what items I loved during the...
secret santa

The Magic in My Family’s Secret Santa Tradition

When I was in elementary school, my family started our Secret Santa tradition. It was my mom’s idea because she wanted to facilitate the spirit of giving in my sister and me and didn't...
body safety

Body Safety: Why It’s Important to Say the Anatomical Terms for Private Parts

In our house, we use proper words for private parts — penis, testicles, scrotum, vagina, vulva, labia, clitoris, etc. Teaching our children about body safety is important because teaching them the correct words instead...

Yes, You CAN Celebrate Halloween This Year!

Halloween always brings fond memories of going to all of the places — fall festivals, pumpkin patches, trunk-or-treats, you name it. The fact that Halloween is finally on a Saturday again is a great...
birthday parade

No, I’m Not Going to Your Child’s Birthday Parade

At the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine, most birthday parties were unfortunately canceled — but some parents decided to get creative by having birthday Zoom calls and drive-through birthday parades to help celebrate their...
racial acceptance

Teaching Racial Acceptance to Kids with Books, Movies, and TV Shows

It’s so important (even for babies!) to see people who look different than them. But beyond just seeing, it is equally important for children who represent the majority race in their society to learn...

For Better, For Worse: Keeping Marriage Fresh In Times of Stress

At this point, we all have been knee-deep in crazy thanks to a pandemic, racial discord, and debates about wearing a mask or not. And on top of that, you may be seeing your...

Self-Care at Home: How to Make It Happen

Self-care shouldn’t be a once-a-year event that women only get to do on Mother’s Day. It shouldn't be a day where your children suddenly "see" you and acknowledge all that you do on a...