A Cheese Lover’s Guide to Jax



Cheese. Queso. Fromage. Formaggio. No matter how you say it, we love to eat it. Jacksonville has so many great restaurants with countless cheesy dishes. Here’s a round-up of a few of our favorites.

Cheese Fries from Cruisers Grill
Cheese Fries from Cruisers Grill

Best Cheese Fries – Cruisers Grill
If you haven’t visited Cruisers Grill for some of their famous cheese fries, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Seasoned with a little salt and pepper these cheddar fries can be ordered as a small or large, but I’ve never met anyone who opted for the small. Don’t forget their unforgettable ranch dipping sauce. It’s like heaven in your mouth.

Gorgonzola Chips from The Blind Rabbit Whisky Bar

Best Cheesy Chips – The Blind Rabbit Whisky Bar
The Gorgonzola Chips at Blind Rabbit are one of my favorite appetizers around town. Crunchy, fresh potato chips drizzled smothered with Gorgonzola fondue and topped with chives and a balsamic glaze. It’s the perfect plate to share with your cheese loving friends.

Best Cheese Pizza – Moon River Pizza
Are three cheeses enough for you? Moon River Pizza’s White Pie features not only mozzarella and Parmesan, but takes white pizza in a whole new direction with the addition of feta cheese, too. The ability to buy it by the slice, and their super fresh garlic, only adds to the appeal.

Stuffed Blue Cheese Burger at Kickbacks Gastropub
Stuffed Blue Cheese Burger at Kickbacks Gastropub

Best Cheese Burger – Kickbacks Gastropub
Kickbacks makes a stuffed burger that comes filled with your choice of blue or feta cheese. Top that with another slice of your favorite cheese for a double dose of cheese greatness.

Mac & Cheese from Maple Street Biscuit Company
Mac & Cheese from Maple Street Biscuit Company

Best Mac & Cheese – Maple Street Biscuit Company
Maple Street doesn’t mess around when it comes to mac & cheese. Made with five different kinds of cheese and topped with crunchy, cheesy crackers, this mac & cheese is a crowd favorite for adults and children alike. The cup sized serving is perfect as a side or a meal by itself.

Best Cheese Danish – Knead
You may not immediately think bakeshop when you think cheese, but Murray Hill newcomer Knead is out to change your mind with their Honey Cream Cheese Danish. This isn’t the tough, chewy “danish” you choked down at a hotel continental breakfast–this is light, flaky pastry with just the right amount of house-made honey cream cheese at the center.

Beer Cheese Soup from European Street Cafe

Best Cheese Soup – European Street Cafe
Thick, rich and over the top cheesy, European Street Cafe’s beer cheese soup has set the standard for beer cheese soup in Jacksonville for well over a decade. Served in a bread bowl or with a warm pretzel stick, this is the perfect cheesy comfort food.

Cheddar & Brie Queso from Corner Taco

Best Queso – Corner Taco
This was a tough category because there is a lot of good queso to be found in Jacksonville. But Corner Taco takes the prize with their original combination of Cheddar & Brie Queso Dip.

Cheese Grits from Black Sheep
Cheese Grits from Black Sheep

Best Cheese Grits – Black Sheep
Black Sheep sources their grits from a local farm and the same goes for the delicious cheese they use to flavor them. Creamy with just the right about of cheesy decadence, these are a true treat.

Pimento Cheese Toast from Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails

Best Cheese Toast – Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails
One of our contributors called Moxie’s Pimento Cheese Toast “life-changing” and after tasting it myself, I’d have to agree with her. Garnished with potato chips and pepper jelly, this dish is an explosion of taste and texture.

Runners Up – Some of our Favorite Cheesy Appetizers

TacoLu – Queso Fundido
Only TacoLu can do fried cheese like you’ve never had before. Pan-Fried Chihuahua Cheese, with roasted garlic and sautéed ‘shrooms makes this appetizer one of our favorites.

French Mushroom Spread at Kickbacks

Kickbacks – French Mushroom Spread
Fresh mushrooms, shallots, wine & herbs, mixed with a blend of cheeses, spread over toasted bread & served with alfredo sauce is a cheesy highlight on the menu at Kickbacks. Don’t be fooled by the name, this appetizer has cheese, cheese, and more cheese.

13 Gypsies – House Made Ricotta

The House Made Ricotta at 13 Gypsies, with smoked honey and house bread, has a rich flavor and creamy texture making it the perfect way to start your meal. The smoked honey adds just the right amount of sweetness.

Deep Fried Pimento Stuffed Olives from Black Sheep
Deep Fried Pimento Stuffed Olives from Black Sheep

Black Sheep – Pimento Olives
Huge fried green olives stuffed with pimento cheese and deep fried to perfection make this Black Sheep appetizer one that’s almost too good to share. Just when you thought that olive stuffed with cheese was enough, there’s an extra side of pimento cheese dip to add to the flavor.

bb’s – Stuff­ed Mozzarella Bruschetta

Not just your average bruschetta, bb’s take on this classic is stuffed with mozzarella to make it extra cheesy and delicious. The addition of marinated tomatoes, pine nuts, & fresh basil makes it fresh and flavorful.

These are just a few of the fabulous cheese dishes around Jacksonville. Which is your favorite?



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