‘Boo’ Your Neighbor: A Random Act of Kindness

Halloween Boo BasketsWhen we were stationed in Hawaii, we lived in what I will always remember as “the best neighborhood ever.” We lived in military housing and it was a very close-knit community with lots of sweet families. When family would come to visit, they would say it reminded them of a modern-day Mayberry. We moved into our neighborhood during the summer and just in the blink of an eye, Fall had arrived. One day, I woke up to an interesting package on my front door. At the time, I was a new mother to my 4-month-old baby and practically burst into tears at the kindness that was extended to me. The package contained a few things: Halloween candy, a stuffed animal, a fall-scented candle, and then two pieces of paper. One said, “You’ve been Boo’ed,” and the other said, “We’ve Been Boo’ed.” There was a little explanation that I was to hang the “We’ve Been Boo’ed” on our front door and then “Boo” another family with the “You’ve been Boo’ed.” I was so excited and couldn’t wait to “Boo” a neighbor! It really is a fun holiday tradition and you can really do it any time of year-“Gobbled” for Thanksgiving, “Elfed” for Christmas, “Hopped” for Easter, to name a few.

So, where do you start? Here are some simple steps to be on your way to bringing kindness and holiday spirit to your neighborhood with “Boo Your Neighbor”:

  • Purchase your supplies. Last year I had 3 friends in our neighborhood, so I purchased enough items to make 3 “Boo” Baskets. I would suggest you “Boo” 2 friends to get the spirit going. I bought pumpkin baskets from the dollar section at Target and then grabbed candy corn, Goldfish, and fall-scented candles. I kept all of the supplies under $20! I would also suggest stickers, pens/pencils, mini pumpkins, bubbles, toy figurines, etc. I even heard of friends being “Boo’zed” with mini bottles of wine or liquor! You can’t go wrong with that!
  • Find a cute printable.  Pinterest has some great options, but even if you google “Boo Your Neighbor” there will be a plethora of printable images available. We’ve created a printable for you to use! Just click Boo Your Neighbor and print!

    Click here to download our “Boo Your Neighbor!” graphic.
  • Assemble your “Boo” Baskets. This is the fun part! Have your kids help you assemble your baskets and start thinking about which neighbors you want to “Boo.”img_1589
  • Deliver your “Boo” Basket. The goal is to keep it a surprise so that they don’t know who boo’ed them. So be sure to be stealthy when you deliver.
Here are some ideas for your “Boo”!

I remember walking through our neighborhood and seeing all the “We’ve Been Boo’ed” signs on the front doors and it brought me so much joy. You never know who may be having a rough day, month, or year and sometimes it is the little things or just the act of giving that can bring so much joy to someone else. It’s also a great way to help your kids understand giving to others and random acts of kindness! I’m late to the party this year, but I can’t wait to “Boo” my neighbors and bring some fall holiday spirit to the neighborhood.

What will you be putting in your “Boo” baskets?

Born and raised in a small town in Central Florida, Allison Chance had the rare experience of living in the same home her entire life — that is, until she became a military spouse and experienced the excitement and uncertainty of relocating eight times in 10 years. Allison graduated from the University of Florida and it was a sorority/fraternity social that brought her and her husband, Kyle, together. Their daughter Charlotte, 7, was born in Hawaii and their son Hux, 3, was born in Monterey, CA. Allison is the founder of Anchored Real Estate Group, a boutique real estate firm with a reputation for providing clients the personalized, professional service they deserve. She is truly passionate about real estate and helping others and gets to merge both by offering a rebate program for those who serve the community when buying or selling a home. When she isn’t showing homes or negotiating real estate transactions, you can find her on her yoga mat!


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