10 Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Recently, I spotted a dad wearing the coolest shirt at an indoor play gym. It said, “Dads don’t babysit. It is called parenthood.” In BIG red letters on the front of his shirt, this dad was announcing to everyone in the room that he was there because it is what dads do. He did not want applause for being there; he wanted to be present as a parent. So often in the lead-up to Father’s Day, advertisers reinforce the notion that all dads want is a gadget of some sort, TV time in a recliner, or to head to an epic sporting event. While that may be true, it is also true that some dads also love parenthood. They want to receive something heartfelt, handmade, and tissue-worthy just as much us moms do. Dads want to hold on to these too quickly passing memories of childhood. My own dad still has the pinch pot I made him “way back when” on his writing desk, along with several creations from his grandchildren. Don’t discount the magical power of the messy, heartfelt craft gift. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to get crafty for daddy this year:

Father’s Day Photo Shoot

I was very fortunate in early motherhood to find an outstanding group of mom friends to experience motherhood with. One of the first traditions we celebrated was to have a photo shoot for Father’s Day, which is as simple as getting together with a few friends at our favorite park or someone’s house and grabbing a blanket and letters that spell out D-A-D/D-A-D-D-Y/P-A-P-A and a camera. Just set the adorable littles down with the letters and snap those pictures. Then you can have the photos printed out on a card, mousepad, mug, or any number of adorable options. My husband’s favorite year was when we printed the photo out on a keychain.

Wooden Signs

Custom wooden signs are everywhere these days, and if you are not super crafty and handy with a screwdriver, hammer, and mallet, this can be an intimidating idea. However, there are a few tricks and shortcuts you can take to personalize a wooden sign just for Dad. My first recommendation is to head to a craft studio like Creative Grain Studio. You can personalize and make a sign just for Daddy in their studio. They have all the tools set up and the mess is left right there at the studio. My second recommendation is to find a pre-made sign with a sentiment you love and simply add handprints or your own personalization to the sign.

Garden Stepping Stone

If you have a dad or a granddad who is into spending time in the garden, why not make a garden stepping stone? You can find ready-made kits at craft stores and big-box stores this time of year. Making a stepping stone can be messy — you will need to plan to do it outside, as most of the kits involve mixing concrete. I recommend finding a spot like a covered porch or a garage where you can design your stone and let it dry without having to move it much.

Paint a Mug

We have several awesome pottery painting stores around town. Grab the kids and head into one to paint Dad a handprint mug or let the kids paint something special for him from their own imaginations. Another option for an awesome art mug is to have your children’s paper drawings transferred onto a mug. What? Yes, you can. I first saw this at one of my favorite local mom-shops, Sewvicious Boutique. She can transfer your child’s design onto a custom mug! Be mindful by contacting shops and stores to find out firing times and shipping deadlines.

Handprint Art

If you have a sheet of paper and some paint, you can rock some pretty adorable handprint art just for Dad. Pinterest has an endless number of ideas. If you read my latest Star Wars post, you will not be surprised by my current favorite, the“Yoda best dad” print. No matter what you choose, the simplicity of these timeless crafts are easy on the budget and your time. All you need to complete these is a piece of paper and some paint. And if you want to kick it up a notch, head to a craft or art supply store and buy a small canvas so dad can hang that handprint on the wall.

My Daddy Interview Page

Sit down with your little one and ask them a few questions about Daddy. If they are pre-writers, you can have them tell you and you write the answers. These templates always bring a chuckle and/or a tear, providing an adorable lens into how your little sees the world and you. Grab an example of a special Father’s Day template here.

Clay Pots

Let’s face it, depending on your child’s age, clay pots can be messy, awkward, and clash with everything. But then again, that’s kind of the point, right? There is something so magical about seeing the precious indents of the tiny fingers that made that clay pot. They are also small enough to hold office supplies and loose change on a desk. Earlier this year, I went on field trip to the Cummer Museum with my son. He had the opportunity to make and paint a pinch pot that was kiln dried. It’s awesome. It’s adorable. Even if you don’t have time or access to find a kiln, you can stop by your local craft store and find ready-made clay kits that air or oven dry. They are simple and great fun for lots of ages.

LEGO Photo Frame

If you have LEGO lovers in your house, finding an adorable photo of dad with the kids and building a photo frame out of LEGOs might be just the gift you are looking for. Building a LEGO photo frame is simpler than you could possibly realize. I recommend watching this quick video from LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester. You don’t need glue or any tools, and your children can design with their favorite colors and mini characters.

Daddy Coupon Book

Coupon books are fun and encourage the gift of time shared together. Check out our template here for Daddy’s Coupon Book. You and your child can sit down and come up with a few activities Daddy loves to do, both with the littles and without.

Photo Album

Make Dad a photo album of your favorite memories with him. This can be done with just your photo printer and craft paper. Simply take a few of your favorite Dad pictures, print them out, and glue them onto a page; then have your child write something about the day and color around the image. Finally, bind the pages together in a three-ring binder or with string.

However you decide to celebrate the special dads in your life this Father’s Day, don’t forget to add a little bit of crafty heart. Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day, is not just about celebrating the person with the title, but of honoring the experience of being Dad. Parenthood is magical, challenging and thrilling, and it’s unique to everyone. There is no “one size fits all” perfect gift, but I am confident that the best gifts are always made by our children’s hearts and hands.

Stacy Mcdonald-Taylor
Stacy, a former health care program manager, came to the first coast by way of Charlotte, NC. Passionate for community and creative arts. Stacy has worked with families and educators through Parent Education & Outreach Programs. Since welcoming the births of her and her husband’s two delightful, energetic sons, she has worked from home, always seeking to find new ways to provide a joy-filled, creative environment, nurturing a love for people, learning, nature, and healthy, natural/organic foods. Stacy shares tidbits of her “life learnings” on her blog, Wasting Nothing


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