Ensure a Successful Getaway With These Travel Tips

travel tips

Traveling can be absolutely fabulous, or it can make you an anxious mess. Either way, it’s best to be prepared. Here are some travel tips I’ve found helpful over the years. 

Consider a travel advisor

If you can, hire a professional travel advisor. I love Denise Schaefer at Plaza Travel. She not only books our flights and hotel rooms, but she organizes private tours, shopping excursions, cooking classes, and special experiences that I’d never think to do on my own. 

For Disney lovers, there are professionals like Nicki Wiggins @justsomagicalnicki who specialize in all things magical. She can make your experience so much more enjoyable than if you were to plan it on your own. Seek the help of a professional who can set expectations for you, advise you on what type of clothes and shoes to pack, where you’ll walk more, where you’ll need a private driver, where you should take a train, etc. 

Don’t forget airplane etiquette

Passengers in the center seat get the armrests. Periodt. K? K. Don’t make me repeat this people. 

When sliding into your seat, don’t pull on the seat in front of you. Instead, if you need help balancing yourself as you sit, brace yourself on YOUR seat and armrests in your own row. You can also use the hidden button on the bottom of the armrest to lift it and give yourself plenty of room to get in and out of your seat.

Don’t bring food on the plane that has a strong smell. We typically bring nut mixes and That’s It bars.

Don’t jump out of your seat and bum-rush the exit as soon as the plane lands. Wait your turn like good little children, until it’s time for your row to exit.

Be polite, smile, and make eye contact with the flight attendants and pilots. 

Bring cash

If traveling abroad, order foreign currency from your bank at least a week in advance. Bring the appropriate amount of cash for the length of your trip so you’re prepared to tip: drivers to/from your hotel, bellman assisting you with your luggage, tour guides, taxis, etc.

travel tips
travel tips

When you need to get glam

The lighting in most hotels isn’t ideal for putting on makeup. I usually end up standing near a window with natural light and using my own travel mirror like this one. I made it extra boujee by adding a Flipstik to the back so I can easily stick it to a wall, window, door, or whatever surface is most convenient with the best lighting.

Mind your health

Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your trip. Starting a few days before travel, through the day after you return, take your favorite immunity vitamin/supplement to boost your immune system and keep yourself hydrated and healthy. 

travel tipsLive in the moment

When traveling, I really enjoy immersing myself in the experience and being fully present in the moment. Of course, take photos, and do what makes you happy, but I choose to only post to social media during my downtime, if at all on vacation. This keeps me from getting too distracted and pulling my attention away from what’s really important in that moment.

Share your top travel tips in the comments!

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