10 Reasons You Should Join the PTA

PTA, PTO, PTSA, no matter what your school calls it, chances are if you have kids, you’ve been asked to join. It’s no secret that I’m an advocate of getting involved in your child’s education. Well, today I’m here to tell you that one of the best ways to be involved is through your school PTA. So here are my top 10 reasons to join your school’s PTA.

You’ll get information. Typically, PTAs have newsletters, Facebook pages, websites, etc. All of this information helps you keep better connected not just with the PTA, but also with what is going on at your child’s school.

It’s good for your kid. There is lots of research that show being involved at in your child’s education and at the school benefits them in the long run. You will never be sorry that you’ve cultivated a relationship with your school administrators or teachers.

There’s something for everyone. The great thing about the PTA is that there is some way that everyone can get involved. From working parents, to grandparents, to stay-at-home parents. The PTA offers volunteer opportunities, socials and events and something is bound to fit into your schedule.

Working moms scooping ice cream at our Ice Cream Social fundraiser.

You CAN make a change. I know that sometimes PTAs get a bad rap (I saw the movie Bad Moms). But the truth is you have a choice. You can sit back and complain, or you can get involved and do things better. Just be aware that change takes time. You might not be able to make real change in your first year on the PTA, but your time will come. Be patient, be active and stay informed.

You’ll strengthen your village. After two kids I can tell you that it does take a village to make it through these years. Luckily, I have a network of trusted moms (most of whom I met through the PTA) who I can count on in a pinch.

It’s fun. No really, it is. I mean, not everything is all rainbows and kitty cats when it comes to PTA involvement but being involved in your kids’ school can be a very rewarding experience.

You’ll discover great resources. Yes, there are resources offered at your home school that can benefit your child. But there are also county and statewide resources that you might not be aware of. Being part of the PTA network can help you find those more quickly.

You’ll be a role model. Showing your kids you value their education enough to take the time to get involved makes you a role model to them. But you’ll also become a role model to other parents. The excitement and satisfaction that comes from volunteering is contagious.

Packing out Thanksgiving meals for 84 needy families, all from our school.

You can help raise funds for important projects. Let’s face it, school funding sucks. Sometimes there’s money available for certain projects, sometimes there’s not. Fundraising is a big part of what the PTA does and not only can you help with that, but you can also get involved with HOW the money is raised. Sick of being asked to sell wrapping paper? Get involved and suggest something different.

It’s important. Like I said before, I really believe there are few things more important than your child’s education and if you’re looking to make a change then consider not just joining the PTA but getting involved. You might just be surprised how great it could be.


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