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Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet

While most of us (and our kiddos!) are getting ready for Halloween this weekend, buying costumes and organizing socially-distant activities, the last week in October also marks 5 Days of Action this year. Every year, youth-serving...

I Get Knocked Down… Lauren’s Story

They call them “flyers.” The athletes you see during cheer routines doing high-flying twists and flips. Lauren Garrett, a sophomore at her high school, is a flyer. In September 2019, during a stunt she’s...

1 Pound, 7 Ounces: Life After the NICU

The Newborn Intensive Care Unit. There are so many things I can tell you about the NICU. I guess I should start by saying it is the most overwhelming place a new mom can...
buying a car

9 Steps to Getting the Car You Want

A vehicle is likely to be one of the largest purchases you will make in your life. By taking the time to properly plan and prepare for buying a car, you can save yourself...
mom break

We Need to Normalize Mom Breaks

I wrote a piece on my blog a couple of months ago that, by my standards, went viral. In my opinion, it was pretty simple. It literally broke down, in a list of 13 items,...

You Don’t Owe Anyone an Explanation

A lot of really cool stuff happens when you become a mother. You’re asked for snacks approximately 3,678 times a day, and it’ll probably be a good 12 or 13 years before you’re able...
returning to school

3 Tips for Families Going Back to School

For most families, it has been months since life felt normal. The start of school this fall has been a marker that many of us have been looking forward to. Once we return to...

Diapers Are a Basic Human Need: Here’s How You Can Help

There’s no arguing that when you have a baby, diapers are a necessity. They are not optional. Yet, according to the National Diaper Bank Network, one in three U.S. families experience diaper need. Diaper...

Dear Parent, From a Teacher: Let Your Voice Be Heard

I recently purchased a shirt that I saw one night on Instagram. It said, "If You're Not Angry, You're Not Paying Attention.” This shirt and its message spoke to me. Since March 2020, I...
families of color

Parenting in a Pandemic Sucks (But Thriving Is Totally an Option)

Parenting in a pandemic has been flat-out exhausting. I honestly feel like I’m running a marathon that someone else signed me up for. To run a marathon well, I would have needed time to...

Dear Parent, From a Teacher: Choosing an Education Option

During a recent video call, my son and daughter-in-law announced their decision to homeschool their three children next year. My daughter-in-law is a certified teacher turned stay-at-home mom who has a preexisting health condition....
racial injustice

Having the Conversation: A 7-Year-Old and Racial Injustice

On May 26, 2020, I, like many, watched the numerous protests in response to the unjust death of George Floyd. It was hard to not watch. In the days to come, I was still...