Meagan Vesta

Midwest-natives Meagan and her husband Matt love living in St. John's County with their two sons and two rescue dogs. When they're not at the ball field for little league games, they enjoy hitting the beach or their neighborhood pool whenever possible, checking out local Jax events (Jumbo Shrimp super fans!), fishing, riding bikes, rucking, golfing or exercising outside - just living the #TGIFlorida life! Follow them on Instagram @thatjaxcouple!
women's golf

Girl, Make the Tee Time

I recently took up golf again, and it has been so difficult finding a golf partner. Meanwhile, my husband found 752 other guys his age playing at the course we joined. I think more...

6 Ways NOT To Become a Monster-In-Law

I have two boys. They will one day grow up, move out, (hopefully) marry, and have families of their own. In fact, my firstborn has already announced that he wants four kids and has...

How to Tell If Your Kid is Ready for Kindergarten

First off, if you’re thinking you’ve found the ultimate guide to determining if your child is ready for kindergarten or VPK, think again. My hope in writing this is simply to share the research...

A Midwest Mom’s Guide to Jax

Culture shock is a real thing, and if you are a transplant like many of us in Jacksonville, you know exactly what I’m talking about. My husband and I moved across the country to...