Rewarding Myself This Holiday with SE Grocers Rewards

Thank you to Southeastern Grocers for sponsoring this post and for rewarding all of us busy moms this holiday season.

‘Tis the season to go overboard and stress yourself out by going out of your way to deck the halls and try to make the holidays more magical than any of those Hallmark movies. Why are we doing this to ourselves?! I am officially making it my mission to make this season easier and to reward myself a little for all the hard work I do to get all the things joyful and merry. You know who else thinks rewarding me is GREAT idea? Southeastern Grocers stores, who plan to reward you for shopping at your local Winn-Dixie and Harveys Supermarkets. They sure know how to treat a parent who is dealing with the pressures of the season!

My Holiday Grocery Game Plan

Here’s my plan of attack this year — and by attack, I mean getting ready to host the holidays and everything in between. I narrowed it down to five simple steps.

Step 1: Make my meal plan.
Step 2: Make my shopping list.
Step 3: Go to Winn-Dixie. (DO NOT SKIP THE WINE AISLE.)
Step 4: Buy gift cards.
Step 5: Checkout and save extra money.

Now, what should I do with all my glorious extra time? Okay, maybe it won’t be that quick, and maybe you don’t think gift cards are the way to go for everyone on your gift list. But trust me, they are good for LOTS of reasons, one being it lets the recipient buy whatever they want. We all know that person who is a challenge to buy for, and get this — Amazon has everything. And Winn-Dixie carries Amazon gift cards. Problem solved.

Or what if you find yourself picking up extra egg nog for Uncle Eddie who showed up in his RV with the whole family unexpectedly last night? That Shell fuel card you can earn while shopping at your local Winn-Dixie or Harveys Supermarkets through the SE Grocers Rewards program would certainly help fill up that RV. (And in return, get it out of your driveway.)

Not to mention your tiny humans who are in daycare or school and/or have lots of after-school programs? That may merit a “thank you for putting up with my child for hours each week and not kicking them out” gift. Don’t worry, a gift card to Starbucks and a stroll down the wine aisle will help you out there. (I am basically helping all of you finish your holiday shopping, so while you’re at it, don’t forget to send me a thank-you gift card or bottle of champagne, too!)

Get Ready to Reward Yo’self

Want to know how YOU can gain even more than saving time and buckets of anxiety this holiday season? You earn money back for giving to others. I get that the season is about giving, but I also understand that me having money in my pocket is even better. The SE Grocers Rewards plan lets you earn while you shop. Whether that’s cash back that can come directly off your grocery bill (something I choose to do with it every time) or gas to get you around town. For every 1,000 points you earn, it equals $10 off your grocery bill. Guess what? From NOW until November 21, and again from November 24–27, you can earn six times the points on qualifying gift cards, and 12 times the points on Shell gift cards.

To get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping (and those rewards), be sure to sign up here. SE Grocers Rewards is FREE and also serves as a place you can see in-store ads, put digital coupons directly onto your card and keep track of your points towards fuel and money towards your shopping. Keep your eyes out for some amazing deals happening during Black Friday weekend, too! Winn-Dixie is READY to give you some great deals then, as well.

‘Tis the Season NOT to Stress

I want to avoid feeling overwhelmed this holiday season and appreciate the time with family over the struggles of going into multiple stores or figuring out which online retailer is giving me the best price. The season is for peace and joy, and it’s also for being able to grab my cheese for my charcuterie board in the same place where I picked up a Home Depot card for my dad. Efficiency is everything when you’re a parent — or really anyone just trying to enjoy the endless Christmas cheer, without the look of “Grinch” on your face. Simplify the chaos, and be rewarded for doing so.


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