Just Say YES: Our Favorite Adventurous Date Nights

JustSayYesAdventurousDateNightsJacksonvilleI recently came upon an article about Shonda Rhimes’ new book coming out this fall entitled “Year of Yes.” The gist of it is she took a year and decided to say yes to anything that came her way even if she was scared of it. My husband proposed a similar idea a couple years ago–we would have our very own year of saying yes to new adventures. If something came up that we might otherwise not do–too expensive, too far, too crazy–we would find a way to do it. If a Groupon popped up, and we were mildly interested in it, we bought it and actually did whatever the activity was.

Most of the activities were things I normally wouldn’t do, probably because I’m a scaredy-cat. But I went out of my comfort zone, challenged myself and did some fun and exciting activities I would never have done until I was open to saying “Yes!”

This leads me to my list of adventurous date nights! The next time you and your significant other want to get away, think about doing one of these activities instead of a plain old dinner and movie night. You might discover something new that you never thought you would like!

RockClimbingImageRock Climbing

My husband and I enjoy rock climbing at the Edge Rock Climbing Gym located on Phillips Highway. It is super fun and challenging to try and get to the top, but you feel amazing when you do. The only problem is you then have to rappel down which can sometimes be terrifying! The Edge is also a great place for kids. My husband enjoys taking my daughter for a little daddy-daughter date night.

image1Flying Trapeze

This is something I NEVER thought I would do, and honestly, I’m happy to just say I’ve done it and it’s in the past. I overcame a huge fear and did it, but it was high and scary. We purchased a Groupon for Trapeze High Florida in Middleburg and literally flew through the air. You have instructors and a net, so it is safe, but climbing that ladder sure was scary!!

AdventureDates2Zip Lining over Alligators

This was an amazing experience. The ropes course and zip lining course at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine was a blast. We went with a group after hours so it was dark, which made it both frightening and less frightening (it was dark, but you couldn’t see the alligators as much). It is very safe and secure, but still a thrilling experience. And if you ever have the opportunity to see the alligators being fed when it is dark, do it. All it took was one shake of the food bucket and all of a sudden we saw hundreds and hundreds of shining lights (their eyes!) coming towards us like we were in a movie.

As you can see, I have a fear of heights, but I try to overcome them on these adventurous date nights and end up having a blast.  So who has some new ideas for me to try???

Cheryl Leddy is both a mom and a C.P.A. in her native Jacksonville, FL. Upon graduating from the University of Florida, her love for Jacksonville brought her back to the First Coast where she began her career and her family. She and her husband have three curly-haired children, Nate, Evelyn, and Whit, whom she adores, but who constantly keep her on her toes! Cheryl is fortunate to be able to work as a C.P.A. at Farmand, Farmand, and Farmand, LLP while also being home with her children (except during the dreaded “tax season”!). Her favorite parts about living in Jacksonville are the great family and kid-friendly activities, the proximity to the beach, as well as the short drive to Gainesville, where she can keep up with the Florida Gators (her first true love)! She is excited to share some tax and financial tips that can benefit all moms and growing families…hope you enjoy!


  1. Wow, I read this article and have to say that there is no way I could bring myself to do that adventurous of stuff. My boyfriend gets upset because I won’t even go on the boat. But it’s pretty cool that you can do that without being scared to death!


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