Taming the Toy Tornado

Thank you to CASA Design Consulting for helping parents tame those toys through creative organization!

I was at the end of my rope when it came to the toy situation in our home. The constant tidying, distracting aesthetics of each room, and the disinterest and lack of focus from my children during playtime were the main contributors to my frustration.

I heard about the concept of “toy rotation” from a few influencers and bloggers, but I was sure that between keeping up with the household tasks and working, I would never be able to pull something like that off. Not to mention, the time it would take me to set up the rotations and organize our tornado of toys to even get started. Plus, “toy rotation” was a Montessori concept, and my kids are not in a Montessori school.

The idea behind “toy rotation” is that less is more! Research supports this idea, that children play more independently and focused when the environment contains fewer toys, all arranged in a more purposeful manner. You will notice which toys are getting the most attention, and you’ll also notice when your child has mastered a toy and is no longer drawn to it. Every one to two weeks, you’ll rotate the toys out by removing the “stale” items to storage, and bringing out “new” ones!


It was fate that I was seated next to Jess at a wedding in the Keys. We started chatting about education, kids, and all the things. As she spoke about her Montessori background and this new company she was launching in Jacksonville, my eyes got wider and wider. Perhaps there was hope!

CASA’s mission is to reinvigorate families’ sense of harmony through sustainable child-focused adjustments to the home environment. Using their child-development expertise, they creatively adapt spaces to promote independence. By prioritizing function, beauty, and order, they transform the atmosphere of spaces to breathe an air of purpose. With their research-based insights, they empower families to face the demands of today and feel confident about tomorrow.


As soon as we returned from the wedding, I was stalking their Instagram page and website and came across “The Toy Edit.” It was exactly the service I had dreamed of. After a consultation with the experts, Jess and Julia put together a plan for our space, in addition to a shopping list. The shopping list contains any bins, containers, shelves, or play tables that they recommend in their organizational overhaul. You can make revisions to the shopping list and discuss your options and budget with them in advance. Once approved, the CASA team sources all of the items needed for your service, and you pay a small 15% fee on top of their purchases. Next, you use a simple scheduling software to book your toy edit!

After barely lifting a finger, you’re in the hands of the magical toy fairies. They arrive at your home with their supplies, expertise, and golden touch and they get to work! The team will sort all of your toys, organizing them in your playspace and taking the others to a storage area of your choice, where you can then implement your toy rotation with incredible ease!

After our toy edit, I have noticed:

  • My home is more aesthetically pleasing and less distracting.
  • It takes me almost no time in the evening to straighten the playspaces.
  • My kids can more easily assist in tidying up the playspace.
  • Once I feel it’s time to do a rotation, I simply pull the items least played with and go to my organized toy closet and switch them out for something “new.” Enter Christmas morning glee from my children!
  • My kids (although very young) are able to play more independently and focus. They are less interested in simply destroying the room, dumping out every bin, and being done, and more interested in spending time on a task or toy.

Although we still struggle with sibling wars and my youngest always wanting the toy the older child has, CASA Design Consulting has brought calm to our chaos! When I look back at the photos of our playspaces before the edit, I can’t believe I was actually living in that toy barn and expecting my children to select a toy and play autonomously with it. If you’re feeling lost amongst the tornado of toys, exasperated with the endless clean-up, and clueless about where to begin, CASA Design Consulting is the remedy!

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About the Author

Victoria Koster is a local business owner and mom of three (3-year-old Michael, 1-year-old JD, and Charlotte, due in August).


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