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Living in Jacksonville, it’s no secret the River City knows how to have a celebration! From the vibrant energy of New Year’s to the festive spirit of Independence Day, and the cozy charm of Christmas, the holidays in Jacksonville are a time for our lively city to shine.

Guess what? There is an abundance of parades and family-friendly activities to enjoy! That’s why Jacksonville Mom is your ultimate guide to holidays and celebrations in Jacksonville. Our comprehensive guides provide all the information that Jacksonville parents need to celebrate. We’ll help you create last minute Halloween costumes, reveal the top spots for Easter egg hunts in the area, and must-do summer bucket list activities for your family!

Christmas in Jacksonville is a magical time when palm trees are adorned with sparkling holiday lights. Jacksonville Moms, the ultimate resource for moms, provides everything you need to make the most of the festive season. From breathtaking light displays to where to find Santa, we offer helpful guides, insightful blog posts, and unique local gift ideas for the entire family to enjoy.

If it’s a Jacksonville holiday, we want to help you celebrate with your family. So whether you’re planning your next birthday party, looking for ways to give back during the holidays, or ringing in the New Year with your kids, Jacksonville Mom Collective has got you covered.

Before you celebrate the holidays, be sure to check Jacksonville Mom Collective for all the tips, ideas, news, and reviews that will help any mom (and dad!) make the most of the celebrations. Happy holidays!

When my husband told me the Navy was sending us to Florida my first thought was DISNEY! I couldn’t wait to show my princess-loving daughter the magic of Disney. While I was dreaming about Mickey and Minnie, my husband...
The holidays are all about traditions, and our family has lots of them! My absolute favorite is the “holiday lunch box surprises.” Throughout December, I add little holiday-themed treats to my son’s lunch box. I love hearing what his...
Christmas is just a few weeks away and the more I think about the toys that will be invading my house, the more I start to twitch. I know that grandparents and other relatives mean well, but after the...
Eating disorders have little to do with food. Controlling how someone eats can be an expression of an underlying problem. The stereotype is that people with eating issues struggle as a means to try and "look good." While it...
I love scrolling my social media feeds and seeing all of the family photos from Easter. But, this year, I noticed something different. In addition to well-frocked children and moms dressed to a tee in spring colors, I saw...

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