Last Minute Thanksgiving Crafts for the Uncrafty {Plus Printable Place Cards!}

If you are like me, you leave the crafting responsibilities to the teachers. I’m not saying I don’t like to craft, I’m saying I pretty much stink at it. But the kids loooove to craft. So I try. I do some Pinterest searches, I buy some of those awesome ready-to-go craft kits, and occasionally, I come up with something on my own.

So the holidays are here! Thanksgiving is NEXT week! We wanted to offer up some cute craft ideas (yes, even for the uncrafty like me!) that you and your family could do with the kids on Thanksgiving Day. What a great way to spend that hour or two together while dinner is in the oven. It’s also a great way to avoid uncomfortable conversations with family, like, “when are you going to have baby #3?” But seriously, what a great opportunity for the kids to connect with family.

Hand Turkey Candy Jars

This is a great project for the little ones. Even sweet Audrey got in on some craft action! All you need are empty baby food jars, paper, glue, google-y eyes, and candy.

  • Trace your child’s hand
  • Let them decorate and color
  • Glue hand, beak, and eyes to the jar
  • Fill with Reese’s Pieces!




Hand Turkey Candy Jars

Pinecone Turkey Centerpiece

This is so awesome and you must do it! It’s super easy and a great way to have a conversation with the kids about what they are thankful for. It’s sort of hilarious to hear what the younger ones have to say, and of course, a great way to remind us adults that we should be thankful too 🙂

Get a really big pinecone from outside or the craft store. You’ll also need construction paper, glue, and eyes. I am going to have the feathers cut out for when my guests arrive and hope that they sit with the kids and write down what they are thankful for. For some reason, I have this vision of “plucking” the turkey before we eat and reading aloud what everyone wrote.

Pinecone Turkey

Vicky and Megan’s Pinterest Fail
If you are really patient and have a steady hand, give these a try. They ARE really cute, and I think if we really wanted it to happen, it could have…. But it was a messy craft, and the thought of eating one hurt my teeth.

Oreo Turkeys
Pinterest version…
Oreo Turkey Fail

Do you still think it’s a good idea?? Head over to Pinterest to get the directions 🙂

Place Cards

Thanks to our awesome contributor and graphic designer Tiffany, we are giving you FREE printable, editable place cards that match the turkey centerpiece! You can add names or even use them to display in front of your appetizers and side dishes. Now no one will be circling the table when it’s time to eat saying, “Here? Or here? Do you want me to sit here? Where??” ENJOY!!

JMB Thanksgiving Place Card

JMB Thanksgiving Place Cards

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  1. Those hand print candy jars are adorable! But I’m mostly a sucker for the cute mommy/little time it provided. Looks like fun! We can’t do the peanut candies but could easily substitute with sixlets. 🙂


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