Lindy Mullen

Lindy is a Nashville, Tennessee native, soaking in the beach life with her husband and two adorable kids. A full-time marketing manager for over 10 years, Lindy has spent time working with shopping centers, local and national retail businesses, and planning community events. Upon relocating to her husband's hometown of Atlantic Beach in 2013, Lindy enjoys a more flexible schedule as a work-from-home mom and retail marketing consultant, and helps Jax businesses get in front of local moms as the Director of Sales for Jacksonville Mom (formerly Jacksonville Moms Blog). In her free time, she enjoys exercising with friends, trips to the beach or park with her kids, eating sweets and the occasional kid-free shopping trip!
Guide to Dentists and Orthodontists Jacksonville

Our Favorite Dentists & Orthodontists In & Around Jacksonville

Wash, brush, floss..flush! As moms, our family's health is our top priority, and questions about local healthcare providers are some of the most common we see from our readers, followers, and hear from our...
Summer Camp Jacksonville

Summer Camps In & Around Jacksonville

Welcome to the 2021 Jacksonville Summer Camp Guide! It can be hard to get our heads around the fact that summertime will be arriving in Jacksonville soon, but spring is a great time to...
Fitness & Health Guide Jacksonville

Guide to Fitness & Health in Jacksonville

Being active and staying healthy can be a challenge for busy families. We have put together the best spots for fitness and wellness in Jacksonville to encourage and educate families that when it comes...
Jacksonville Schools, Preschools, Childcare

Guide to Schools, Preschools, & Childcare in Jacksonville

We are frequently asked about education programs and recommendations for childcare, preschools, and schools in the Jacksonville area. We understand that picking a school or childcare center that fits your child’s and your family’s...
Photographers in Jacksonville

Our Favorite Local Photographers in Jacksonville

As moms, we want to remember the firsts, the “big” moments and the little ones. The smiles (and tears!), laughter and hugs and this time of motherhood and parenting that go too fast. To...
florida prepaid

Big Dreams Start Early with Florida Prepaid

Oh, 2020, you have truly gone by so fast, and yet often this year has felt like we were in slow motion. We slowed down, our kids still grew up. They played outside more...

Look to Brighter Days Ahead With Florida Prepaid

                Motherhood is all about change. Just when we think we have it all figured out, our kids (and life) throws us something new. We accept the challenge, we look at the bright side, we...

Past, Present and Looking to the Future with Florida Prepaid

Time is funny. It's slow when you want it to go by fast, and fast when you want it to be slow. Many of us may have recently had more time to "slow down"...
Florida Prepaid

Yes, You CAN Dream Big During Times of Uncertainty

                Now more than ever, our kids are learning about those who are making a difference in our world and how we all adapt to change. Doctors, nurses, scientists, first-responders, innovators, community and business leaders,...
the players

Ready, Set… Let’s Go to THE PLAYERS!

Ready, set... let's go to THE PLAYERS! The tournament hosted right in our own Northeast Florida backyard will be held March 10–15th, 2020, and we are here with all you need to know. Golf...
Moms Night Out

Make it Moms’ Night Out Featuring Clueless Sponsored by Money Pages

Are you about to surf the crimson wave or ready to go totally postal because your kids are buggin'? Get ready to tell your significant other "I'm outtie" because it's time to get rollin'...
First Coast Home Pros

A Mom’s Dream: Floors So Clean You Could Eat Off Them

Would you ever eat something off your floor? No, this is not a trick question. We all know about the five-second rule and it's probably safe to say we all have done it and...