Bryana Dunn

Bryana Dunn is a mom of two girls and a full-time blogger at webwithdunn.com. After a career in healthcare and marketing, she realized the corporate life wasn’t the way for her. She enjoys staying up late — and you can always find her where the food and sarcasm is! A hotel/travel enthusiast, Bryana loves to dance, laugh, and socially drink. She’s always down for new and fun adventures and the mom friend who will go, “Yaasss!”
long weekend

10 Places in Florida to Visit Over a Long Weekend

Craving a mini getaway? The kids might already be in school, but that doesn’t mean vacation has to be over when a long weekend arrives! Plan a fun family getaway to soak in the...

Why ‘Bluey’ Is Good for Both Parents and Kids

My personal phenomenon and wonder of the television series called Bluey — and why I think it's the show for both kids and parents alike — started on a night I found myself sitting...
Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Make the Kids Feel Special

Valentine's Day is kind of a big deal! At least, it is for kids. Between the DIY Valentine's cards made for their classmates and friends to their personalized Valentine's shoebox, they definitely deserve a...

An Open Letter to 2021

What. A. Year. I’m raising my hat to all the scientists, medical workers, delivery riders, and just about every single soul who has worked so, so hard to just keep life running. But thankfully,...
thanksgiving checklist

The Countdown to Thanksgiving: Checklist of To-Dos

Let me start off by saying let’s put a little respect on Thanksgivings' name. As soon as Halloween is over, it’s all about Christmas, but we can’t skip this day — no matter how...
leftover halloween candy

What’s a Mom Supposed to Do With All That Leftover Halloween Candy?

Trick or treating, trunk or treat, an at-home Halloween — it's no secret that this holiday looks different this year, but having lots of leftover Halloween candy remains a constant. Much of it is...

On the Road: Jax to Flagler Beach

Along Florida’s Atlantic coast between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine, you'll find a cozy beach town known for the salt life. With friendly residents, open-air restaurants, and that coquina sand between your toes, Flagler...
pumpkin spice

The Pumpkin Spice Obsession: How Did We Get Here?

It seems like every year the pumpkin spice craze starts earlier and earlier. Usually, it starts with one brand promoting their newest pumpkin spice item for the fall, and then the rest soon follow,...

COVID Road Trip: Tips for Staying Safe

The word "travel" right now is almost too taboo to talk about these days. Should I stay or should I go? What’s safe? Take the road trip? Stay home? Will I be travel-shamed by...