National Florida Day: How Well Do You Know the Sunshine State?

Photo courtesy of Captured By Heidi.

Happy National Florida Day! Though I cannot find any rhyme or reason why National Florida Day is on January 25, I love any excuse to chat about our amazing Sunshine State.

After living in Florida for roughly 30 of my 42 years, I’m convinced the only thing Florida doesn’t have that we may want, is snow. And to be honest, I don’t think I want that! No matter where in the state you are, there is a beach not more than a couple of hours away, and you can even choose if you want calm water or waves for surfing. Natural springs abound and are amazing for paddleboarding, kayaking, and seeing manatees. Most of us love to visit the theme parks scattered throughout the state, and there are several cruise ports so we can hop on a ship and get away for the weekend or a week. We even boast the oldest city in the country, St. Augustine. Lucky for us, it’s an easy day trip to go there and soak up some history.

Living in Florida, I thoroughly enjoy only having to wear long sleeves for a couple of months during the year, and you won’t find any snow boots in my house. Florida is where people come to vacation, and we get to live here year-round!

Paddleboarding on the beautiful West Coast of Florida!

How well do you know Florida?

Take the quiz below, learn some new fun Florida facts along the way, and tell us how you did!

True or False (no Googling!):

  1. Florida produces 90% of the country’s oranges that are used for orange juice.
  2. Florida is the world’s leading producer of grapefruit.
  3. Florida has over 30,000 lakes.
  4. Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, FL opened in 1972.
  5. Florida is home to 2 national parks.
  6. The official dessert of Florida is strawberry shortcake.
  7. The jaguar is the state animal of Florida.
  8. The Brightline train can take you from Orlando to Miami in 2 hours.
  9. Florida is the only place where crocodiles and alligators coexist.
  10. There is a city in Florida called Christmas.

How’d you do? Take a look below for the answers!

  1. TRUE. While our orange population unfortunately keeps taking hits from hurricanes and citrus greening, we still produce the most orange juice! California produces the most oranges that are eaten.
  2. FALSE. We “fight” with California and Texas to produce the most grapefruit in the United States, not the world.
  3. TRUE. They are everywhere!
  4. FALSE. The Magic Kingdom opened in 1971.
  5. TRUE. Key Biscayne and Dry Tortugas are the two National Parks that call Florida home. We also have National Monuments, National Memorials and even a National Seashore.
  6. TRUE. Just last year a law was passed to make Strawberry Shortcake Florida’s state dessert, showing support for the strawberry farmers in our state. Don’t worry, Key Lime is still the state pie.
  7. FALSE. It’s the Florida panther.
  8. FALSE. It takes 3.5 hours and looks like an amazing way to get through the state while relaxing!
  9. TRUE. The Everglades are the only place in the world where crocs and gators coexist.
  10. TRUE. While it’s not technically a city, there is a place in Florida called Christmas. There’s even a post office, so your holiday cards can have Christmas, Florida stamped on them!

Hopefully, you learned something new to help you celebrate National Florida Day! One of my goals this year is to shop local, and enjoy more food, drinks, and stores that are right here in our own state. Thankfully we have a great list to get started! Now go make a mimosa with some real Florida OJ, and have a blast celebrating our state!

What’s your favorite thing about Florida?

Nicki Wiggins
Nicki Wiggins is a teacher turned stay-at-home mom to three kids, a boy and two girls. She is a wife to her wonderful hubby, Jayme, who works hard to support her Disney obsession. They met at Stetson University in undergrad and have been married for 13 amazing years. When not planning her family’s next visit to Disney, Nicki enjoys time at the beach (with the occasional paddleboarding), volunteering in her kids’ classrooms, hanging with friends and family, and exploring Florida. She recently started a blog called Date Your State, which gives tips and ideas for having fun with your family in this amazing state of Florida. She hopes to be a Floridian for life!


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