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From a fresh, new look to an entirely new name, it’s been quite a year for Jacksonville Mom! We continue to be amazed and humbled at how much our site has grown and evolved over the years, but most of all, we are so very thankful to you, our readers, for your consistent support. Jacksonville Mom has always been, and will always be, for YOU.

As we wrap up 2019 (and an entire decade, for that matter), we wanted to share our Top 10 most-read blog posts from this year along with a few Honorable Mentions. We hope you love re-reading them as much as we have!

Jacksonville Mom Top 10!

“We all have those moments in our marriages where if we said what we are actually thinking it would be, well, game over. Heavily pregnant with our first baby and over-the-top hormonal, I sat on the bathroom floor and cried my eyes out, certain that after only two years in I had definitely married the wrong person — whatever had I been thinking?”

“As a mom to two littles ages 1 and 3, summer means a lot of fun in the sun and cooling off indoors. We love to stay busy which means sometimes you need to get a little creative to keep things exciting, engaging and somewhat educational. Read on for a few of our favorite things to do around town during the summer!”

“Attempting to preempt difficult moments or smooth them over with a compromise on which everyone can agree is doing us all a disservice. Not only are we extending stressful moments, but we’re also preparing our children for a lifetime of self-centered rigidity and robbing them of the ability to adapt to a situation that isn’t to their liking.”

“He thought people in the community around him might like to help out a couple of new parents, which in today’s world, is clearly an unforgivable sin. If ever there was a sign that helping people in your community is dead, this was it. Is it any wonder that people are so afraid to ask for help?”

Marriage Tips

“Fifteen years, two kids and a round of marriage counseling later, I cannot believe my husband has survived living with me. Granted, I’m funny and organized with really nice penmanship, but none of those really make for a great wife. On the eve of our 15th wedding anniversary, I sat down to figure out what really does make a wonderful wife (or in my case, a really okay one).”

Coming to Terms with the Daughter I'll Never Have

“‘Y chromosome detected, consistent with a male fetus,’ read the test results. I quickly Googled to make sure boys have the Y chromosome and not girls, as biology was never my strong suit. Indeed. ‘I’m a… boy mom,’ I thought, as I spent the majority of the next 24 hours sobbing. Truth be told, I was grieving the loss of a life I’d dreamt of for years.”

My Name Is Dominique, and Apparently, I’m Overweight

“Despite my sometimes-questionable food choices, I consider myself healthy. Actually, I know I am healthy; the issue is that there are so many things telling me that I’m not, or even worse, that I am ‘at risk.’ For instance, when I type my numbers into a BMI calculator, OVERWEIGHT is the message I receive.”

“My toothbrush. A spatula. Coffee filters. Diapers. I do not hold these items and feel enthralled. But I still need them. So what now? Organize them into tiny stacks or in some of Marie’s $89 storage boxes? Nope, I’m keeping them because I need them, and I’m okay with not being riveted by my cooking utensils.”

Circumcision Gone Wrong?

“I’m no expert, but I’m somewhat confident my now 16-month-old son’s circumcision was not done correctly. I remember the doctor telling us on day two after his birth, that he would be back later to do the quick procedure. Well, he kept his promise, but at the expense of my son’s penis, perhaps?”

Good Riddance to the Disease to Please

“I am frequently the last person to sit down at the dinner table. I dress my family to impress, but you can find me spraying dry shampoo in my hair at a red light on the way to an event. Quite frankly, I am tired of saying yes. I am tired of saying yes to the birthday parties, yes to the showers, yes to work, yes to hosting, yes to any and every thing that doesn’t fill my already drained cup.”

A Few Honorable Mentions...

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Top Guest Blog Submissions...

Surviving a Surprise Stroke at Almost 40 by Sherry Pinkstaff

Blindsided By Stage IV Breast Cancer by Stacy Hanson

Angels on Earth: A Love Letter to Our Hospital Staff submitted by Wolfson Children’s Hospital, written by McCall Dempsey

Now we want to hear from you! What were some of your favorite Jacksonville Mom Blogs from 2019? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks again for an awesome year, and we look forward to what 2020 has in store. Happy New Year!

Vicky Lane
Vicky Lane is the co-owner and co-founder of Jacksonville Mom (formerly Jax Moms Blog). Since 2012, she has been overseeing the content and technical side of Jacksonville Mom. In this role, she manages over 30 writers and works closely with the managing editor to provide the most relevant content for the Jacksonville parenting community. In her previous career, Vicky obtained her Masters in Education and served as University Registrar at the University of North Florida. Wife to adoring husband John, her love for all things “Mom” began in 2010 when their son Brendan was born. Vicky chose to put her full-time career in higher education on hold to spend time with her new baby, giving her a new respect for motherhood and parenting. In June 2012, John and Vicky welcomed sweet Audrey to the family. Vicky has created an amazing circle of Moms who are continuously seeking new ways to enrich their children’s lives in and around Jacksonville. Being part of the creation of an online parenting resource and small business that serves the great Jacksonville area has allowed her to flourish in a successful career while remaining present for her family.


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