Gilbert's Underground Kitchen

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510 South 8th Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, USA

Celebrity Chef Kenny Gilbert returns home to the Jacksonville area with Gilbert’s Underground Kitchen, a neighborhood-driven Deep Southern American restaurant. Located on the North side of the Intercoastal Waterway Bridge, UK offers residents of the Fernandina Beach area the ideal spot to grab a seasonal, comforting and delicious meal.

Savor The Most Appetizing Delicacies at Gilbert’s Underground Kitchen

Kenny Gilbert Underground Kitchen (UK) is one of the best places you can eat in when in Jacksonville. This restaurant has gained popularity not only because of the owner Gilbert, a celebrity Top Chef but because of the mouth-watering dishes he prepares. I first heard about this restaurant from our trusted Jacksonville appliance repair technician in our chitchat when I invited him in my house to repair my broken refrigerator. Kenny Gilbert UK is a well established restaurant with a welcoming ambience. Eating meals prepared by a celebrity chef is a great opportunity whenever you get it. Other than the delicious meals, the restaurant also serves a variety of flavorful drinks to wash down the tasty meals. Everything served in the restaurant is top quality and delicious for everyone to try.

One of the most popular dishes you can enjoy at Kenny’s Underground Kitchen includes tasty soft smoked meat pulled from bred crocodile ribs. This meat is served with sprout asparagus leaves and spices to satisfy your lunch or dinner appetite. Accompanying the rib meat also is pimento cheese dumplings. There are also pulled pork ribs prepared the barbecue style that you will enjoy with spices. The restaurant also serves a variety of other flavorful dishes created by the celebrity chef himself. Also not to miss is potato salad inspired by Kenny’s mom from a young age. Other favorite delicacies include tomato sandwich with fried greens. Light servings from Gilbert’s creations include gravy with biscuits and banana pudding to top up any meal.

Your visit to Gilbert’s Underground Kitchen won’t be complete until you enjoy the variety of beverages and cocktails created in the restaurant. Some of these delights include grape and grain cocktails served in mason jars. Everything served in the restaurant is unique. The interesting part is that you never know what Gilbert has in store for you until you taste it. There is always something to eat any season from this beautiful eatery.

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